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High quality server management for cPanel servers.

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  • SimplexWebs trust us to manage their servers.

    “Their exceptional knowledge combined with their promptness and reliability are characteristics you'll rarely find.”

    - Harry Perks
    Founder & Director of SimplexWebs
  • WebOptic trust us to manage cPanel servers with OpenCart stores.

    “I recommend them to anyone looking for a reliable, knowledgeable and above all trustworthy server management company.”

    - Ben Harrison
    Founder & Developer at WebOptic
  • Texted trust us to manage a high traffic Wordpress server.

    “I like how I always get a reply from someone knowledgeable (even during the evening/weekends).”
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    - Sabrina Megens
    Company Director at Texted

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Our Story

What We Do

What exactly does server management or cPanel server management involve? Essentially, it is about optimising system administration. The service will include tasks like maintaining, monitoring and optimising your company's servers and security.

When operations are small, or a business is relatively new, the administrator or administration team may feel comfortable looking after these tasks themselves. However, it will inevitably become more difficult to maintain the system when a business begins to expand, and it may then become prudent to seek further assistance. A growing business will require additional staff in its IT department on top of fresh investments in new equipment, just in order to keep things running. Great expense is often encountered upon acquiring in-house server management services to fulfill the increasing demands.

A server management company, like ours, is a popular and sensible alternative. As part of our server management service, we will monitor your hardware and deal with any technical issues, as and when they arise. It is really important to have somebody monitoring your hardware, because little problems that arise in this area can quickly spiral into serious issues and possible downtime for your business if they are not dealt with promptly.

As part of our service, we also carry out all the necessary precautions to keep your operations secure. Depending on your particular needs, this could include spam filtering, running virus scans and carrying out security audits, and configuring software firewalls. As a dedicated server management company, we can also ensure that all of your equipment is optimised for performance. Since we specialise in all of these areas, we can do everything at a fraction of the cost of hiring lots of different engineers for different jobs.

We can also perform back ups for our clients. This is a crucial element of maintaining a business, but unfortunately many companies fail repeatedly to make sure that their data is backed up. The potential consequences are serious. Downtime and data loss as a result of natural disaster is a frequently reported isse. On average, survey respondents said it would take 16 days to recreate or recover their files – and nearly a third said they would never be able to recover or recreate all of their important business data if it was lost.

Furthermore, human error, as is often encountered by inexperienced users attempting to take on the considerable task of administrating their own server, is another way in which large data loss can occur. Trusting a server management service like us means you don't have to worry about losing your data. We can keep multiple copies in different locations, ensuring that if one is lost there will always be means of recovery.

We have a wealth of experience working according to a range of systems, including Plesk server management and Linux server management. We have been in the business of managing servers for more than a decade and have managed shared, virtual and dedicated servers alike. As a result, we are capable of easily addressing all the common problems that might arise, as well as being able to apply our knowledge to discover solutions to any new and difficult dilemas. Moreover, we are able to give well founded advice regarding any particular questions or ideas you might have regarding the technical elements your server.

Take advantage of our skills in this area so that you can use your time to focus on the elements of your business that require your own expertise. Save yourself from worrying over data loss, system failure or security breaches. We are commited to helping our customers' businesses thrive and our aim is to provide excellent and personal service to meet individual needs. Please don't hesitate to contact us for more information.