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Server Management & Software Development

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Fixed Price Server Management

Per Server, Fixed Scope

£ 95 /mo

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£ 45 /hr

Guaranteed 1 Hour Response

Monthly Add-on

£ 150 /mo


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Options 10 Hours 25 Hours 50 Hours 100 Hours
1 Month £410 £990 £1800 n/a
3 Months £420 £1010 £1850 £3600
6 Months £430 £1030 £1900 £3700
1 Year n/a £1050 £1950 £3800

Non-sterling prices are approximate. Prices exclude VAT where applicable.

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  • SimplexWebs trust our engineers' expertise.

    “Their exceptional knowledge combined with their promptness and reliability are characteristics you'll rarely find.”

    - Harry Perks
    Founder & Director of SimplexWebs
  • WebOptic trust us to manage cPanel servers with OpenCart stores.

    “I recommend them to anyone looking for a reliable, knowledgeable and above all trustworthy server management company.”

    - Ben Harrison
    Founder & Developer at WebOptic
  • Consumer Media trust us to manage a high traffic Wordpress server.

    “Loading Deck continued to deliver amazing results that surpassed performance requirements.”
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    - Jon Gavejian
    Executive VP at Consumer Media

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Our Story

What We Do

Server management and software development are related skills that complement each other. Our UK-based engineers draw on their knowledge in both fields to give you the speed, security and resilience that you need.

If you have one website

You might work with a PHP developer already, especially if you use WordPress or Magento, but might not have thought about server management. Your website contains code and that code runs on a server, which produces the web pages that your visitors see. Lazy software development that is inefficient might slow your website down, just as a poorly configured server might. It’s the same for security and uptime. Addressing both aspects well delivers incredible results.

We can look at your software development, server configuration and hosting together. We use our knowledge of PHP and other languages, as well as knowledge of servers to get the best overall results. If you already have a developer, we can work with them, assist them in finding out why your website is slow, handle all aspects of server migration if you need to move to a larger or smaller server, and be on hand to help if any technical issues with your website or server arise.

We charge a flat fee of £95 per month to take care of your server. We can work with any hosting company and almost any software – for example, WordPress, Magento or cPanel. For ad hoc work and software development, we charge £45 per hour with no commitment. All work is undertaken by proficient developers and systems administrators in the UK.

If you have several websites

If you have several websites, whether in your own business or because you engage in online marketing, web design or web hosting, the notion of a server is probably very familiar, and possibly the cause of a lot of time and energy. Your hosting company might not be as helpful as they could be, or your needs might be complex, such as needing high availability, failover, virtualisation or load balancing.

We can take care of all aspects of your websites and hosting. We can make developers available ad hoc or deliver a full software project, via a retainer, whether that software be a plugin, a website or a web application. We actively work with PHP (and its frameworks and popular software packages), C, Java and other languages to have the right tools for the job.

Our server management means that you can do what you do best, knowing that your websites, or your customers’ websites, are in good care. We actively monitor the servers we manage and respond 24×7 to urgent problems, including disk and memory shortages, RAID failures and DoS attacks, and can respond before your users notice anything. We are based in the UK, available by telephone and email and can work with most PHP software for websites, blogs and stores, and any control panel.

We often with with cloud hosting, including Amazon Web Services (AWS). If you are considering a move to the cloud, speak to us. Our extensive knowledge of hosting can help you get great reliability in the cloud, whether on AWS, our own Private Cloud, or with another hosting company.

In recent months, we have scaled Magento to 2400 concurrent users on commodity hardware, written software requiring an intimate knowledge of the Linux Kernel, delivered several PHP applications and handled countless server migrations, server problems and email migrations.