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Give your customers the self-service portal they want

The photocopier is broken again. Ugh. At least their phone number’s on my recent calls list from yesterday… .. Ring ring .. For sales, press 1 .. .. This is really adding insult to injury .. .. For accounts, press 2 .. .. I need to remember the menu options for next time .. .. For […]

How we use automation in our workflow

Bureaucracy isn’t just the domain of large corporates. Even as a young, hip software development company, we have it. In this post, I want to describe how we use automation and bespoke software in our own workflow. Systems we use We use several off the shelf systems: Xero for accounting, GitHub is a key part […]

How bespoke software can improve your workflow

What is it? Bespoke software is a very broad descriptor that encompasses a large range of products. Essentially, it is any custom built piece of programming featuring sets of instructions, which enables specific tasks to be carried out automatically. For example, consider a used-car dealership. To keep up with today’s market, at the very least […]

Servers: buying hardware vs renting hardware vs cloud

As your online presence grows, you may start to consider the pros and cons of buying/renting hardware and using cloud services for your hosting. All of these options have pros and cons and this article will provide an impartial view on the realities of this decision, rather than the sales pitches of a given company. […]

Benefits of bespoke Xero development

      Your accounting system is at the heart of your business. Whether you use Sage, Xero, Quickbooks or something else, there is a wealth of data about your suppliers, customers, financials and KPIs in it. One of the key advantages of Xero specifically, is that it’s cloud based. Being cloud based makes it […]

Hosting Magento on AWS: why, how and should you?

  +   A question that seems to appear strangely often is, “can you host Magento on Amazon Web Services (AWS)?”. The short answer is, “yes”. You absolutely can – but that doesn’t mean that you necessarily should. Background AWS provides a range of services for hosting. The best known is EC2, its VPS business. […]

Lesser-known facts about CPU on virtual servers

Background Cloud is increasingly popular due to its low upfront and perceived reliability. I wrote an article a few weeks ago about why it can be a sensible choice, but needs to be considered carefully. One of the main drawbacks of cloud (VPS / VDS / VM / cloud server / IaaS / whatever you want to call it […]

Myths about speeding up your website

We often work with clients on speeding up their website. Great results are achievable but focus needs to be put on the right areas as there are a myriad of reasons why your website could be slow. Recently, we worked with a client to speed up a customised WordPress website by implementing heavy caching with […]

Client experience: Alarm System Reviews

Their website is based on WordPress. We were engaged to provide server administration services to improve the performance (i.e. speed up) the website taking advantage of the latest web technologies. Jon Gavejian from Consumer Media, the company behind Alarm System Reviews, describes their experience: “We came across Loading Deck while searching for a SME (subject […]

How to choose the right backup strategy

We hear a lot about backups being neglected, and wrote an article some time ago about why backups are so important. Yet, what can be equally infuriating is a backup policy that is not as useful as it might seem when the times comes to actually use it. This article touches on the pros and cons […]