Software Development in Bradford

We custom-build software for you

We custom build mobile apps, Windows apps and web apps. Give your customers a new way of engaging with you, automate or better organise back office work and move your business to the cloud.

We offer cloud hosting and “managed DevOps”

We offer fast, secure hosting managed by our local team of experts.

If you have one or more servers with another company, we can manage them for you, helping you scale up and down, stay secure and making your website or online store perform better.

Examples of our work can be seen in our portfolio.

Why you should call us

  1. We’re problem solvers and we will do whatever it takes to solve a problem because there’s a better way.
  2. We’re local and can come to you. No more overseas contractors. No more subcontractors. Just great work delivered on time and on budget.
  3. We invest in our process. In our four years, we’ve continuously taken what we’ve learned from delivering software projects to improve how we deliver them. We are obsessed with delivering the best quality work we can.
Alarm Systems Reviews Logo. Loading Deck designed the Alarm System Reviews of Consumer Media a customized control panel and CDN, utilizing modern technologies such as HTTP2 Push for improved performance.
Alarm System Reviews uses custom-built software to manage their portfolio of websites.

Case Study

Consumer Media LLC asked us to improve the performance of their websites. We started with caching, on-page recommendations and Google Pagespeed.

As they spun up new sites, recreating our optimisations took up a lot of their time. They wanted a better way. They engaged us to create software to automate the setting up of new sites and optimising them for speed.

We build a web app to deploy new websites pre-optimised to be as fast as possible and to make it easier to manage their large portfolio of websites and to keep their servers up to date.