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We specialise in bespoke software development. We develop mobile apps, desktop apps and cloud apps. If you could engage with customers on their mobile phones, reduce administrative overheads or stop relying on several unconnected systems, we can help.

We host and support websites and e-commerce stores. Is your hosting company unhelpful? Is your website slower than it could be? We can help by identifying areas for improvement and providing alternatives.

If you would like to discuss developing software, a mobile app idea or moving to the cloud, contact us. We can come to you.

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3 reasons to contact us

  1. We are local and we can meet face to face. It’s friendlier, it’s more efficient and it means we can make sure you’re making the best use of our software.
  2. We’re are experts. We’re not just saying that. You’ll be engaging top graduates from Leeds University, Lancaster University and others.
  3. We know your industry. Working with retailers, non profits, financial companies, startups and more mean that we have a broad knowledge of the challenges your industry faces.
Fraser Portraits specialise in taking great school pictures. Our software development services developed a time-saving Windows program to promote ultimate efficiency and organisation.

Case Study

Fraser Portraits is the largest provider of school photos in England. From Dorset, they coordinate their network of local photographers, who travel from school to school. At each school, they are provided with a list of pupils and groups of pupils whose photos need to be taken.

Fraser Portraits develop software, running on Windows, to help their photographers match photos to pupils. By using our software, their photographers spend less time sorting through lists of pupils and can quickly see the list of photos that still need to be taken.