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We can help you replace repetitive tasks, change the way you interact with your customers and get your systems to talk to each other. To do this, we can develop software for mobile. desktop and cloud.

Hosting and Support

We provide dedicated servers and cloud hosting, expertly managed by our software engineers. We’ll ensure that your website or store is fast, secure, scalable and resilient.

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  1. We are a stone’s throw from Preston. If you’d like to meet in person, we can come to you, discuss your ideas and provide a technical viewpoint.
  2. We have credentials. They include qualifications on paper and a great track record of delivering projects on time and on budget.
  3. We’ve worked with businesses and organisations in retail, finance, research and other sectors.
We assisted The Food Foundation, a non-profit organization focused on revolutionizing the strategies around sustainable food, to switch from an outdated spreadsheet-based system to a CRM, in order to improve efficiency.

Case Study

The Food Foundation is a nonprofit think tank based in London. They have broad and multifaceted goals relating to food supply and distribution in the UK including to influence policymaking to support sustainable food supply.

The Food Foundation approached us for help moving away from spreadsheets to a CRM, to better focus their marketing efforts.

We presented CRM options to them and handled their transition to it. This included writing simple software to more easily import their existing data into the CRM system. We also provided training on how to use the system.